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About SSB

The largest training academy in India to nourish your personality, especially for the SSB interview.

Mentoring Future Leaders

The instructional staff is Ex GTO and SSB Assessors. Thereby preparing the youth not only to be Armed Forces Officers but also are able to undertake any challenge in any walks of life. Run and managed by ex-Armed Forces officers, the Academy focuses on using different psychological techniques combined with outdoor participation to enhance the personality and the overall growth of an individual. The Academy also actively organises and participates in various events that aim to spread awareness about the Indian Armed Forces and the career options it offers to the youth.


Vision Statement

To groom our younger generation to help them grow into a confident and a balanced personality capable of handling all challenges that life will throw at them.

Mission Statement

To promote the Armed Forces as a career option for the youth of India through guidance, training and inner-engineering at SSB Sure Shot Academy.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Our Academy has a very elaborate and modern campus spanning over 28 acres in natural surroundings. All the outdoor activities like mind games, group tasks and physical obstacles are modelled and designed according to the actual obstacles which candidates have to clear while facing the actual SSB procedure.

SSB Sure Shot Academy boasts of having futuristic classrooms with A/V arrangements, one of the best boarding facilities for upto 60 candidates, a modern cookhouse and a dining hall capable of accommodating up to 200 people.

Apart from mentoring and training for the Indian Armed Forces, our campus has numerous Adventure Activities that the candidates can take part in to further enhance their personality traits and OLQs.

In-Campus SSB Candidates
CDS/NDA/AFCAT (Written Course)
Motivational Speech Collage And University (In Southern State)
Recommended Candidates (Till 2023)

Our Expert Faculty

All our instructors are highly skilled ex-Armed Forces Officers with years of experience in various SSB’s.


Maj Gen VPS Bhakuni, VSM (R)

General Officer in Counter Insurgency operations (Op Pawan, Op Rakshak, Op PARAKRAM). Commanded Garud Mountain Division. Led delegations to the UK and Nepal for cooperation. Completed Staff College Course, MSc in Military Studies, and Masters in Management Studies. Conducted courses at IIM Indore and MDI Gurgaon. Headed Selection Centre, South, for officer selection. Expert in human personality, interview techniques, and global selection processes. Advisory Board member at Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence.

Col Parsi Gopinath (R)

Col Parsi Gopinath, ex-NDA, AAD Gunner with over 36 years in the Indian Army. Served in staff, instructional, and regimental roles. Volunteered in Siachen glacier and commanded 2 NCC battalions. Director of Army Placement Node, Bangalore, post-retirement. Awarded COAS and Army Commander's Commendation cards.


Brig PM Ahluwalia (R)

- Brig PM Ahluwalia, Army veteran with 33 years of service. - Expertise in operational, logistics, and financial management. - Served from Unit to Army HQ in diverse terrains—North East, West, J&K, Sri Lanka (IPKF), and UN Mission HQ in Lebanon. - Concluded career as an Instructor in Army War College. - Post-retirement, Director of a Bangalore-based auto components manufacturing company for 8 years.

Kavita Modi

Clinical Psychologist, Counselor, Graphologist, Child Behavioral Therapist, Art Therapist, Regression Therapist (Relationship, Womb, Past Life), Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Transactional Analysis Therapist, Hypnotherapist. She is also the co-author of "A Sure Shot Guide to Crack SSB".


G.S Bora (R)

Mr. G.S. Bora's extensive career in Intelligence and Security spans an impressive 39 years, earning him accolades and appreciation. As theF ormer Director of RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), his contributions significantly impacted the realm of intelligence. Post-retirement, he took on the role of CEO in several of India's leading security-providing companies, showcasing his commitment to the field. Mr. Bora's wealth of experience encompasses security, geopolitics, and various other facets, solidifying his reputation as a seasoned professional in the domain.


Brigadier C K Ramesh, commissioned in the Maratha Regiment in 1981, boasts an illustrious career. Serving as the President of the SSB Board in both Bhopal and Bangalore, he accumulated extensive experience as an interviewing officer and board president. Even after retirement, his commitment to shaping the youth continued, as he dedicated himself to training and preparing candidates to crack SSB. Since the inception of SSB Sure Shot Academy in 2018, Brigadier C K Ramesh has played a pivotal role in mentoring and guiding aspiring candidates, leaving an indelible mark on their SSB journey.



Colonel Nair, a highly experienced GTO at SSB Sure Shot Academy, has been associated since its inception in 2018. With extensive expertise in guiding candidates, he has trained thousands to successfully crack SSB. Many owe their success to Colonel Nair. He undertook a tour of Kerala, along with Major General VPS Bhakuni VSM, visiting schools and colleges, conducting seminars, and mentoring the youth for SSB. Hats off to Colonel Nair for his dedication and impact on aspiring candidates!