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Gen Bhakuni's 15 Day SSB Interview Online Course

Course includes live classes by Maj Gen VPS Bhakuni, Col Sajeev(GTO) and Kavita Modi(Psychologist).

It covers all aspects of SSB from Stage-1, OIR, PPDT, Interview, Psych and GTO. Please note that this course will be available to the learner for 30 days from the starting date.

Online SSB Interview live classes are one of the best and unique preparation methods available online. The SSB Interview courses are drafted by one of the leading experts on Personality Development, Maj Gen Bhakuni holding years of experience in this field.

Along with the SSB Interview online classes, you will also gain access to the latest assignments and study material in the form of PDFs and PPTs.

The Course Includes

1. Stage - 1

2. GTO Tasks

3. Psysch Test

4. Interviewing Process

5. Developing OLQs

6. Home Assignments